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You are given a tree (connected, undirected, acyclic graph) consisting of NN nodes. Based on this tree, you have to answer QQ queries.

Each query is of the form:

- K D V1 V2 ⋯ VKK D V1 V2 ⋯ VK — output the number of pairs (i,j)(i,j), 1≤i


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Given an array A1,A2…ANA1,A2…AN, find the minimum number of operations (possibly zero) required to convert all integers in AA to 00.

In one operation, you

- choose a non-negative integer pp (p≥0p≥0),

- select at most KK indices in the array AA, and

- for each selected index…


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You are the owner of a big company. You are so rich, that the government has allowed you to print as many notes as you want of any single value that you like. …


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Chef and his friend Bharat have decided to play the game “The Chefora Spell”.

In the game, a positive integer NN (in decimal system) is considered a “Chefora” if the number of digits dd is odd and it satisfies the equationN=∑i=0d−1Ni⋅10i,N=∑i=0d−1Ni⋅10i,

where NiNi is the ii-th…


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You’re given a tree with NN vertices numbered from 11 to NN. Your goal is to handle QQ queries. For each query you are given KK nodes v1,v2,…,vKv1,v2,…,vK. Find if there exists a simple path in the tree covering all the given vertices.


- The first…

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There are NN cities in Chefland numbered from 11 to NN and every city has a railway station. Some cities have a train and each city has at most one train originating from it. The trains are represented by an array AA, where Ai=0Ai=0 means the…


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Given a tree with NN nodes, answer QQ queries of the following type:

- a,ba,b (where a≠ba≠b) which asks you to calculate ∑Ni=1min(dist(i,a),dist(i,b))∑i=1Nmin(dist(i,a),dist(i,b)) where dist(x,y)dist(x,y) is the number of edges on the shortest path between the nodes xx and yy in the tree.

Note: The input…


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There is an inter-city math competition among kk various prestigious top schools in the city. Some subset of schools will be selected to compete, where the ii-th school is selected with probability pi(mod998 244 353)pi(mod998 244 353). The schools are all selected independently from each other…

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